My Story


I grew up showing and judging livestock. During high school this was my biggest passion and I had big dreams to be involved in agriculture industry. During college I studied Animal Science and judged livestock. I had a wonderful college experience and for the first time I was surrounded by people who shared the same passion as I did. I also met Joe when I was I attended school at Northeastern Junior College.


We started off as best friends and it eventually grew into more than that. We began dating and after many years we were engaged. Now when it comes to the wedding process we were much slower… We’ve been engaged for over a year and we don’t have plans for our wedding yet. Joe and his dad manage and run a (mostly) Red Angus cow-calf ranch. I love the ranching lifestyle and I love to work outside with Joe.


I also enjoy taking pictures and connecting with other people involved in agriculture. Which is where this blog come into play. I love sharing stories from the ranch and I also love to interview people in the industry to hear their message, story and to get to know more about their life. Feel free to dive into my blog posts to learn more about the awesome leaders in agriculture.


Thanks for stopping by!



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