Sarah Brown–Ranch Bronc Rider

Sarah Brown is talented beyond belief. Sarah currently holds numerous titles including, ranch bronc rider, cowboy, and horse trainer. Not only does she work on a large ranch in Colorado/Wyoming but she has the opportunity to ride and train her own colts. Sarah’s horse training business is called Sarah K Horse Sales & Training and she puts out ranch, roping, and performance horses.


Sarah’s  favorite part about running her own business is that she gets to be outside everyday. I think most people involved  in agriculture agree with Sarah on this aspect. She claims that she has learned so much more working outside and hands on.

Another one of Sarah’s callings is the sport of rodeo. In addition to team roping, Sarah recently got her start riding ranch broncs. In fact, she has been featured on RideTV for her ranch bronc riding. Sarah says that some years she makes enough to call rodeo a job and other years she simply calls it a hobby. I have a team roping husband that would definitely agree with this statement.


Sarah is no stranger to the life of a rancher. She says there are good years and there are bad years when it comes to ranching. She knows that there will be seasons of rain and seasons of drought but with the bad, always comes the good and she suggests that anyone who is interested in getting involved with agriculture should.


“For anyone interested in Ag but wasn’t raised on a farm or ranch, get involved any way you can, and make friends with people who are. There are lots of clubs you can join to learn about it and get hands on as well.”

I want to thank Sarah for taking the time to help me out with my blog and feel free to follow her on Instagram and check out her horse training business on Facebook.



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