Danielle Otis

Today, I want to welcome Danielle Otis to the blog. Her story is a little different than most and I love how she is sharing the western lifestyle with so many people from across the county and world. Danielle is a hard working mom, wife, marketer, and photographer.


She resides in northern Idaho, and she, alongside her family, run a guest ranch called Western Pleasure Guest Ranch. The guest ranch originally started out as a cattle ranch, first bought by her Grandpa, and then in 1991, Danielle’s parents decided to turn part of the ranch into a guest ranch.
Currently, Danielle is in charge of all of the marketing for the guest ranch. She manages the social media, website, and all of the advertising. I’ve been following along for quite some time and let me tell you, she does an amazing job! Danielle recently picked up ranch photography and she sure is making a name for herself. You can see some of here amazing work HERE.
Danielle Otis @iloveiliveiride-4713.jpg
In addition, to the marketing, she works as a wrangler on the ranch. This gives her an opportunity to work outside, which is something she is very passionate about. As a wrangler, she has an amazing opportunity to teach guests from all over the world about horses, livestock, agriculture, and wildlife and timber management practices.
When it comes to some of the challenges facing agriculture, Danielle, thinks that one of the biggest problems has to do with generational change. In Danielle’s area, and all across the country, farmers and ranchers do not have anyone to pass their ground and business onto. Often times, their sons and daughters just aren’t interested, for a variety of reasons, and as a result the land gets divided up and sold to developers. This makes it hard for the tradition of farming and ranching to continue on from generation to generation.
This leads us into Danielle’s advice for young people wanting to get started in agriculture. She says go for it! She knows that it is important to find a mentor who will help teach you their ways and the lessons they have learned over the years. She also wants young people to know that its okay to start at the bottom. Work hard at that first simple task and show you can handle more responsibility.
Danielle Otis-5557.JPG
Danielle had this concept modeled to her by her grandparents. Her grandparents still work hard at 90 years old. Her grandmother sews, keeps a large house and garden each year. Her grandpa helps with all the duties as well.
In her spare time Danielle enjoys skiing, reading, riding her horse, and taking her young children out to explore Northern Idaho. I want to thank Danielle for helping me out with my blog. You can give Danielle a follow on her Instagram page here.

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