Codi Miller

Photo by: @showchampions

I met Codi a long time ago… and by a long time ago I mean wayyy back when we were both showing in 4-H. Even though we were not from the same county we ended up at a few of the same shows and I vividly remember Codi being a great competitor. She was also very humble, kind and encouraging. I am so glad I had the opportunity to re-connect with Codi via Instagram and share her story with you.

As I mentioned, Codi and I have similar backgrounds. We both grew up showing livestock and dreaming of one day being a rancher. However, God had different plans for Codi and she has found herself as a cattle-kid converted to a hog-jock. She has plans to eventually settle down with the love of her live, who is a hog buyer! They plan on moving outside of town on some acreage and starting a show pig operation. Although, Codi still has her fingers crossed about owning a small herd of cattle.

2013 Sale w Buyers

Codi attended West Texas A & M University in Canyon, Texas. She believes that college is what you make it. Codi definitely made the best of her experience. Not only did she study and graduate with a degree with Agricultural Media and Communications but she also was very involved on campus. She held officer roles in both the Block and Bridle Club and for the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow. She also had the opportunity to intern with National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, National Western Stock Show, Montrose County 4-H, and the Amarillo Tri-State Fair.

Research Presentation for WTAMU

It was at WTAMU that she met a number of students and friends who were pursing agricultural degrees that didn’t come from an ag background. Codi believes if you are interested in agriculture than you should fight for your dream. She encourages young people who don’t come from an ag. background to seek out industry leaders and ask questions and listen to their advice.

Baldy 012
Photo by: Codi Miller

Codi is no stranger to some of the current issues in agriculture. In fact she spent some time living in Denver, Colorado and some these issues were highlighted. She says:

“A huge obstacle I think agriculture is facing today is mistrust some consumers have with those who actually produce their food and customers misinformation to believe pseudoscience and marketing gimmick food labels.”

One of the ways Codi is combating this problem is by sharing her story. She encourages people to ask her questions about how food is produced in order to help build trust between consumer and producer. She also picked up photography in college and uses her photos to tell the story of agriculture.

REW mare
Photo by: Codi Miller

I mentioned earlier about how sometimes things don’t go according to our plans. Well, I am sure that Codi didn’t anticipate getting diagnosed with a brain tumor this summer. Despite her disgnosis she has been strong and courageous. She moved back to Colorado for a little while to receive treatment and hopefully she will receive a clear MRI scan later this month. If this happens she will return to Guymon, OK full-time and continue working at the bank and telling her story over on her personal blog. If you want to read Codi’s story you follow the link in her blog or connect with her over on Instagram.

Thank you Codi, for sharing your story and these awesome photos!


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