Cristen- Food and Swine

I had been following Cristen on social media for a while but everything didn’t come full circle until I was at the FarmHer conference this summer. I was sitting in on a breakout session that Cristen was leading and right away I was thinking, “Man! This chick has got it going on! I mean her hair is FABULOUS, she’s hilarious and totally down to earth.

So without further ado folks, here is Cristen, mom, farmer, blogger and so much more! She grew up on a row crop and cow/calf operation in Iowa and to this day she works with her family on that same farm. In addition to working on the family farm, Cristen and her husband raise both commercial and show hogs.


Cristen holds many titles including, farmer, wife, food blogger, coach, and volunteer. But her biggest role include being an outstanding mom to her two children, Halle and Barrett. She is involved in their school and sports. Cristen’s oldest, Halle, is starting 4-H next year and Cristen is definitely excited. As someone who grew up involved in the 4-H program, Cristen knows the value of young kids getting involved. When it comes youth pursuing a career in agriculture Cristen says:

“Get your hands dirty and learn priceless information from the older generations. It is invigorating to learn stories from many years about about how farming was and see in one person’s lifetime how much it changes and advances and listen to their perspectives as they watched it unfold.”

When it comes to being an “agvocate” Cristen takes a different approach. She doesn’t feel the pressure to “educate” the general public. She instead wants to be a listening ear. She wants to receive the persons concerns and questions softly and with understanding. Then point them in the right direction to get their questions answered. I was listening to the Live Your Story podcast  that Cristen was interviewed on and she talked about this same concept. She was incredibly humble and knew that she might not be the expert in every single aspect of agriculture so she felt that it was her job to direct the inquiring person to an expert who could better field their question. I love her honest and humble approach.


In her free time Cristen likes to bake. She shares her recipes and life stories on her blog She also enjoys coaching her kids youth sports teams and playing one-on-one with her daughter.  Cristen looks up to her parents the most. She one day hopes to be an amazing and fun grandma and she always strives to be a calculated, stoic business man like her father.

I want to thank Cristen for taking the time out of her busy schedule to help me out and if you are looking for some amazing recipes be sure to follow her blog. You can also find Cristen on Instagram here.




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