Aly McClure

This week I have the joy of bringing you the story of Aly McClure.


It never ceases to amaze me how all the #bossbabes in the western industry are multi-talented. Aly is no different. Aly grew up on a small row crop and cow-calf operation in south western Ohio. This small family farm is where she gained her passion for agriculture. Today, Aly still finds herself deeply involved in agriculture. Aly and her husband, T.J., run Circle Heifer Development in Garden City, Kansas. The couple raises dairy heifers in a feedlot setting for large dairy’s out east. Developing dairy heifers is just one of the many things Aly does.

Aly also runs her own company: Aly McClure Agriculture Marketing. Aly loves being able to run her own business and work alongside her husband every day. Her goal with her marketing business is to help cattle operations market their business using digital platforms. She wants to help producers gain the knowledge to do the digital marketing themselves.


Aly feels that one of the biggest problems facing agriculture has to do with the folks involved. She is disappointed by the sense of competition between different aspects of the industry. She says:

“It is imperative that we all realize our role is important in agriculture and that we are peers not competitors. We should be building each other up and cheering each other on. There IS room for each of us.”

I couldn’t agree more with her take on this issues. It is important for us to all get along and support each other. Aly also supports youth getting involved in agriculture. She suggests finding great mentors and surrounding yourself with the smartest people in the industry and she believes the motto, “you are who you hang out with.” Aly recommends young folks aim high and learn from the leaders in the industry.

When it comes to Aly’s role models, she looks up to her husband most. She says:

“I have never met some who has worked so hard for everything that he has, takes as much pride in who [he] is, and cares about their family more than my husband. He has pushed through the odds to become one the most respected cattleman in his industry. He truly is something special and I am glad to have him by my side, teaching me more every day.”

When Aly and her family have some free time, which is hard to come by, they like to head up to the mountains. Aly is a coffee lover and she loves to spend time sitting outside in the mountains sipping a hot cup of coffee and enjoying the fresh air and pretty views.

I want to thank Aly for helping me out and taking time out of her busy day to do an interview. Please follow Aly on her journey over on her Instagram page!



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