Tyler Mae, Attorney At Law

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Today, I have the multi-talented and beautiful Tyler Mae on the blog. Tyler wears many hats. She is an attorney, a leather worker, and she day works on a ranch during her “free time.”


Tyler has the goal of one day owning her own ranch. As much as she loves helping other people with their cattle, she eventually want to put all her efforts into her own herd. Tyler knows that in order to achieve this goal she has to buckle down and work her office job as an attorney. This is the first time in 7 years that she has had to do this. I love her sacrifice during the present time so that she can one day live out her dream.

Tyler’s passion for agriculture started during her childhood. Although, Tyler’s childhood wasn’t the easiest, when it comes to her exposure to agriculture Tyler was raised with the best of both worlds. When she was younger her parents farmed and then her grandpa went from farming to ranching. This upbringing was very important and Tyler says that she can remember her first goal as a young girl was to become a rancher.


During college, Tyler day worked for a couple of ranchers. Tyler ended up graduating from Arizona State University with a bachelors in Urban Planning with an emphasis in environmental design. After her time at ASU, she went to Texas Tech School of Law where she received her Doctorate of Jurisprudence. Tyler also received her law and science certificate during law school, which is a major accomplished. Currently, she is licensed to practice law in both Texas and Arizona.


Tyler doesn’t have one specific role model in her life. Instead, she always tries to look for the good in everybody and in every situation. I am going to finish out this blog with an amazing quote from Tyler that truly shows the strong, kind-hearted type of woman she is.


“I don’t have just one role model. I look at people’s struggle, I look at how people treat others, and I look at what people came from. I want to be a great rancher, I want to be a great lawyer, I want to be a great leather craftsman and designer, I want to be a great wife and mother one day, I want to be someone else’s role model one day. I want to inspire. I haven’t had an easy life, but somehow or another, God always makes the next year better and better. I could have grown up to be a bitter, resentful woman with a chip on her shoulder, but I always strive to look for the good in things. There is a quote from that Pollyanna movie- “If you look for the bad in something, you shall surely find it.” The same goes for the good.” -Tyler Mae Pitrat

I want to thank Tyler for helping me out and sharing her story. If you want to say hello to Tyler on Instagram follow this link!



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