Shanna Means- The Western Revival

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Photo: Ashley Marie Photography


“We love the horses, of course, but we love our clients.”

Shanna Means and her husband own and operate Means Performance Horses. Looking back on Shanna’s childhood, it really is not surprising that she has chosen this path in life. Shanna and her husband, Chance Means, make their living training horses.

Shanna’s grandparents built the home place Shanna was raised on. They raised and trained race horses and Shanna’s mother was a competitive barrel racer. This passion was passed down to Shanna. From a young age Shanna rode and raced barrel horses. She was very involved in youth rodeo and still stays in touch with the families she met growing up.  Her passion for horses has continued this into her adult life. Shanna and Chance, now, specialize in colt starting and training rope horses.


Shanna and Chance are so grateful for their supportive clientele. She also appreciates everyone in the western industry and agrees that collaborating with like minded people is one of the greatest parts of running their business.

Shanna says:

“People in the agriculture & western lifestyles are are fun to team up with. They appreciate hard work and honesty. Their hobbies, business, and lifestyle often go hand in hand so it’s fun to be a part of it all. “

Horse training is not the only thing that Shanna is involved in. She has a great creative mind and entrepreneur spirit and created The Western Revival. The Western Revival is a lifestyle blog where she aims to “inspire the modern western woman”. You can read her blog here. Also be sure to follow her on Instagram for some serious western fashion inspo!

Photo: Julie Sproul

Shanna is also a full time mom. Talk about BUSY! She loves that she has the opportunity to raise her beautiful boy in the western and horse industry. She says:

“My nine month old son, Crossyn, is already wild about the barn and horses. I’m so grateful that he’ll grow up making mud pies, riding the tractor, being horseback, roping, and having an appreciation for horses and everything connected to the industry. “

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Photo: Ashley Marie Photography

Shanna is grateful she grew up in agriculture and she gets to raise her son in this industry but she knows that is not the case for everybody. She has some great advice for young people looking to find their place in agriculture.

“I have plenty of friends who didn’t grow up riding horses and competing, like I did. Many are very competitive because they have worked hard and have been willing to learn.  It’s never too late, and in the Ag world, there are always people willing to help! Reach out, connect, and always be willing to become a student.”

Shanna has had a great role model in her life to look up to. She claims her mom is the total package. Despite being one tough barrel racer, she loves all people unconditionally and has taught Shanna to do the same. Shanna is also appreciative of all the sacrifices she made for Shanna and her sister to live out their dreams.

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Photo: Life Photography by Julie

I am so thankful Shanna agreed to help me out on this post. Thank you, Shanna!



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