Lexi Marek

Lexi Marek (noun): FarmHer; promoter of Agriculture; beautiful; beautiful; positive

Lexi Marek is a talented, encouraging voice for agriculture and I am very excited to introduce you.

Lexi Marek is the Communications Manager for FarmHer. (If you haven’t already; be sure to check out my previous FarmHer post featuring Marji Guyler-Alaniz!) Not only do I have to opportunity to share Lexi’s story with you today, but I get to actually meet Lexi at the end of this month! I cannot wait!


Lexi has been involved in agriculture since day one. She grew up on her families 6th generation farm in southeast Iowa. She took care of baby pigs, watched cattle graze on her families land and helped out with the farming. Her passion for agriculture is obvious and drives Lexi to keep promoting women in agriculture on a daily  basis.


Lexi specifically, has a passion for showing pigs. This passion started on the family farm but it was further amplified by her involvement in 4-H and FFA. Lexi says she learned numerous life skills with her involvement and created life long friendships. Lexi had the opportunity to travel the country showing pigs and meeting new people. She was very competitive in the show ring and she exhibited the 2016 Grand Champion FFA Market Hog at the Iowa State Fair.


Lexi is a strong voice for agriculture and she is not afraid to talk about some of the challenges facing our industry. She says:

“I believe our biggest challenge today is the future. Not only do we want future leaders in the industry but we need laborers to run the farms and innovators to continue to research how to advance agriculture. With less than 1% of the United States population involved in agriculture, it’s important that everyone knows they are welcome in the industry and that everyone is important.”

Because workforce is a hurdle we are facing in agriculture; Lexi wants all young people to know that with hard work and determination they can find their own role in the agriculture industry, no matter what their background is in.


It is no surprise that Lexi spends as much time as she can out at the family farm. She also likes to read, watch TV, spend time with friends and catch a yoga class whenever she has some free time.

I am so thankful for Lexi’s help in putting together this blog post. If you are not already be sure to follow FarmHer and Lexi on Instagram.





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