Kelsey- Wild Arrow Cattle

image1 (1)Kelsey lives by the motto “Build a life you don’t need a vacation from”

It is remarkable to see what Kelsey and her family have achieved. Keep reading for all the details on the founding of Wild Arrow Cattle Company.

Growing up Kelsey was an active member of her local 4-H club and FFA chapter. Her early exposure to agriculture is what sparked her dream of one day owning her own land and livestock.


Hard work and perseverance (and a lot of patience) paid off for Kelsey. Kelsey and her husband, Travis, were able to purchase an unloved farm house and piece of ground. Together they have poured their heart into this property. They renovated the house, maintained the land and made their start in the cattle business.

image2 (1)

Kelsey and Travis own Wild Arrow Cattle Company, a cow/calf operation. The couple work together as a team to accomplish everything that needs done around the ranch. This includes taking care of the cattle: calving, feeding, vaccinating, and the list goes on. They also put up hay in the summer.

Kelsey is a busy lady! In addition to ranching, she is a full time mom, a photographer, and she is a front office coordinator for a local physical therapist. While Kelsey and Travis are proud of their accomplishments their aspirations don’t stop here. Kelsey would love to move to Montana, own more ground and cattle, and take on her photography business full-time.


As a first generation rancher, Kelsey enjoys sharing both the struggles and triumphs she encounters in her day to day life. She also has some great advice for young people looking to get involved in agriculture. She says:

“I would tell them if they want something bad enough it can and will happen.  To be patient and to never give up as agriculture is hard work but very rewarding.  I would let them know that it doesn’t matter if they where not raised on a farm or ranch, that we all lean someway somehow.  We all start somewhere,  never loose hope!”

It comes as no surprise that Kelsey loves spending time outdoors. In her spare time you can find her camping, hiking, or hunting. She also loves DIY , home renovations, and practicing her photography and editing skills.

I want to thank Kelsey for her honesty and excitement for agriculture. Stop by her Instagram page to see some amazing photos and say hello!

Thank you Kelsey for your help!



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