Kaylie Haught

Kaylie Haught- Ranch Wife, Ranch Manager, and Soon-to-be Mama


Kaylie was raised to work hard and her work ethic has undoubtedly gotten her to where she is today. Not only did her parents instill this work ethic, but she claims her involvement in 4-H and FFA helped shape her character.

Growing up Kaylie was expected to take care of all her animals and her parents fronted the cost for the feed and animal at the first of the year. But when Kaylie sold her animals at the fair she had to pay her parents back for all the expenses. She ran it 4-H projects just like a business and Kaylie put the remaining money into an Edward Jones account to save up for college. This part of her story really resonates with me and my parents supported me through out 4-H the same way as Kaylie’s. (If your reading, thanks Mom and Dad!)

Kaylie’s competitive spirit didn’t end in the show ring but as a successful rodeo athlete she earned herself a scholarship to attend Central Arizona College. Kaylie competed in breakaway roping, goat tying, and barrel racing; all while studying to become a massage therapist. While Kaylie was in school she met her now husband, Trevor. At the time Trevor was breaking colts.


Upon completion of her degree, Kaylie worked as a therapist and chiropractic assistant. Kaylie still applies many of the lessons she learned in school in her current role as ranch manager at the Circle Bar Ranch in northeastern Arizona. She know first hand how food, which she has an important role in producing, can impact human health.


Kaylie and Trevor, manage the Circle Bar Ranch. This ranch has not had cattle run on it since 2006. So much of their time is spent fixing fence and making other improvements in order to get cattle back on the land. The ranch is over 155,000 acres and the couple is working to get the ranch running at full capacity.

When the cattle arrive it will also be their responsibility to manage everything from calving and herd health to branding and marketing and everything else that goes with running a successful ranching business. It’s safe to say that Kaylie and Trevor are keeping busy, especially since they are growing their family. Kaylie is due with their first born in November!

Kaylie feels that one of the challenges facing people in agriculture includes the amount of hard work that goes into ranching with sometimes little reward. Kaylie has seen this first hand. She says:

“Unless you are raised in agriculture, its hard to appreciate the work it takes. Even kids raised on ranches or farms are falling out of it and looking to work less and make more money. “

Despite this Kaylie still encourages youth who are interested in agriculture to pursue it as a career option. She believes in the future of agriculture when she says:

“I would tell a young person that its not an easy life, but its the most worthy. Knowing you can help other people survive on fresh food and a healthy environment is worth so much more than a lot money in the bank. Its something we have been doing for YEARS AND YEARS, and without it we won’t live. The more people involved, the more we can thrive as a healthy community.”


In her spare time Kaylie enjoy decorating and working on house projects. She also enjoys photography, writing, and riding colts. This girl does it all and you can show her some love by giving her a follow on Instagram.

I send my gratitude to Kaylie as she so willingly agreed to be featured on my blog. Thank YOU Kaylie!



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