Jenna Fletcher- Broken Bow Dairy

I know that I typically feature ladies involved in the beef world, but this is “Ag” Told by Katie. So, I want to incorporate more of the different aspects of agriculture. Which is brings me to a boss babe involved in the dairy industry. Let me introduce you to Jenna Fletcher, the beautiful face keeping the calves healthy at Broken Bow Dairy.


Jenna has a great back story and I love how she jumped head first into the dairy scene, despite having no background in dairy. Jenna didn’t grow up on a farm or ranch, in fact she had very little exposure to agriculture outside of two years of FFA during high school. Instead, her college experience is what prepared Jenna for life as a calf and dairy heifer specialist.

I have had people on my blog that range from no college experience to lots of schooling and each individual has had great success in the ag. industry. I love the route that Jenna decided to take with her education. Jenna attended Southwest Wisconsin Technical College for Dairy Herd Management. This one year program not only provided classroom work but Jenna said the farm tours that were conducted every Friday were her favorite part of college and helped exposed her to all aspects of a dairy operation. Jenna now works for an 850 cow dairy in Nebraska.


Jenna’s days consist of taking care of calves and developing young heifers and she also finds time agvocate for the dairy industry through her blog and Instagram page. Jenna calls herself the Crazy Calf Lady! Jenna says her favorite part about blogging is connecting with the other fine folks involved in agriculture. She even says some of her connections have become really close friends and have traveled to Nebraska to meet up with her at the dairy. Jenna also like connecting farm to table for those folks who are not lucky enough to have direct exposure into the agriculture world.

Jenna has worked hard to grow her following and she tries to reach people from all walks of life to help them understand the dairy industry. With 19,000+ followers, I would say she is dong a great job!


Jenna has a great story about an inspiring young lady who also worked in the dairy industry. Jenna’s friend Kaila, was a former coworker who unfortunately passed away in a car accident. Jenna says:

 I don’t get the chance to talk with her anymore, but I always use her for inspiration as she was always there to guide and help me as I was growing into my career. Kaila was the person who inspired me the most to become a calf manager. She was the one in charge at the dairy we worked on together and she showed me how happy you can be doing what you love. Kaila came to work with a smile everyday and even if she was stressed, she always found a way to laugh about the situation. She brought so much positivity into my world and I will continue to look to her even though she is no longer here.

This is a great story and it is so moving how Jenna is inspired my another young woman who was also very passionate about agriculture.


We all know that working in agriculture is not your normal 9-5 job schedule, but in her free time Jenna loves to go for runs with her dogs or spend time her her boyfriend, Cody,  and his family. Cody and his family raise Red Angus cattle (insert hand-clap:)) and Jenna is excited to learn more about beef. Most of the folks involved in agriculture and kind, good-hearted people and Cody’s family is no different. Jenna is grateful they have welcomed her with open arms and helped her find her way in Nebraksa, so far from her home town.


Thank you so much Jenna for agreeing to be interviewed! If you liked this story please go follow Jenna over on her Instagram page to stay up-to-date with her life and news from the dairy industry.




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