Allison- The Idaho Ranchers Wife

Allison, blogger over at The Idaho Ranchers Wife, is like most ranch wives. She is hard working, loyal, and ready to help out with whatever project is needed. She knows that with each day, comes new challenges and tasks and she had no problem jumping in alongside her husband.

Allison + Husband

Allison grew up on a ranch in Montana where she helped her dad out with the cattle. She was also involved in 4-H. She says she did everything in 4-H from sewing and cooking to showing steers and breeding projects. In addition to 4-H she was involved in school and church and she attributes her involvement in these organizations for helping shape her into the person she is today.

After high school Allison started college at BYU in Provo, Utah. She had plans to become a nurse but just as she was applying to the nursing program she met her husband and transferred to BYU in Rexburg, Idaho, the school he was attending. After transferring schools she decided to complete her degree in Exercise Physiology.

Allison Roping

Since graduating college Allison and her husband have returned to the cow-calf operation where he grew up in Idaho. Something that their ranch has done from the beginning is run some of their cows on public land. They run their cattle with other ranchers in the valley as well. Allison says this method works really well for their family. Not only does it allow them to run more cows but having the other ranchers involved helps have an extra set of eyes on the cows as well; just in case anything gets sick and needs doctored.

Allison 1

As a fellow blogger, I was excited to get some details on Allison’s blog. Allison started her blog 5 years ago. She claims that there has been a lot of growth over the last 5 years. Now she focuses her blog on telling stories about their operation. She also has fabulous photos to go along side her captivating stories.

Allison Son

I loved Allison’s honesty when I asked about her blog. She said that when she first started she was having a hard time finding her groove. She didn’t know if she should share up-to-date news articles about the ag world, or if she should write about how to live the ranch life, or if she needed to include ALL the different parts that go into running a ranch. Finally, she came to the realization that not all “agvocators” have to tell the same story. Allison and I agree that our story needs to be told but there is power in each persons individual story and their method of conveying that story.

Now, Allison has reached the point in her blogging career where she loves to share her family’s story. She loves to show her real day-to-day life. Sometimes she focuses on her children and what it is like to raise them on the ranch. Other times shes explaining what it is like to try to work cows with a sleeping baby in one hand. I definitely recommend checking out Allison’s blog here.

Allison and Family

Now, it is time for my favorite part of the blog post and if you have read any of my other blogs you know it is when I ask this question: What would you tell a young person wanting to get involved in Ag but wasn’t raised on a farm or ranch? Allison’s answer has been one of my favorite so far. I decided that I will just paste it below instead of trying to paraphrase her golden answer.

“First of all, I would tell them to DO IT.  Secondly, I would say that there are so many ways to be involved in ag that don’t require you to have experience on a farm or ranch.  We need engineers to make ranch equipment, and we need nutritionists to help us supplement our cattle.  We need lobbyists to help us in the government fights we face.  We need web designers to share our stories online and we need clothing designers to make good work clothes and we need financial minds to help us stay afloat in this market.  Every different avenue of ag is important because it helps farmers and ranchers do their jobs a little bit better!”

So there you have it! Allison’s perfect answer. We need people to be involved in agriculture. This industry is so diverse and there is room for you and your unique talents.

I appreciate Allison completing this interview and providing me with some awesome images to use in this post. Show Allison some love by following her on instagram, Facebook or by checking out her blog.





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