Blue Skies Red Cows- Richelle Barrett

Happy Friday!

Today, I am featuring Richelle Barrett. I came accross Richelle over on her Instagram  page. Richelle is a Montata momma, wife, rancher, cowfirl, baker, and photographer. She is also a fellow blogger! Richelle loves all things kids, cows, dogs and horses. I am so thankful Richelle agreed to complete an interview with me.
Richelle and her family live and ranch on the same ground she was raised on. They raise red Angus cattle (insert happy dance!) and put up their own hay crop. Not only are the Barrett’s ranchers, but they run their own trucking business as well. Richelle’s husband hauls cattle, grain, and hay while Richelle is busy with the business and office side of the business.
In addition to all of this, Richelle is a Financial Specialist for Northwest Farm Credit Services. Let’s just say Richelle wears many hats in a given day. On top of everything Richelle runs a blog and Instagram page to promote agriculture and her families Red Angus operation. Richelle enjoys being an “agvocate”.
Here is what she has to say about her favorite part of sharing her story:
“Being able to connect with so many people, that I never would be able to connect with any other way. It is fun to share this lifestyle with others who have an interest in their food and the industry.”
Because I love agriculture and sharing other people’s stories one of my favorite questions to ask folks involved in agriculture is to give their advice to a young person who did not grow up farming or ranching but wants to pursue a career in agriculture. Richelle’s advice: “Find a mentor. Find a good banker.” She suggests working for a farmer or rancher and asking a lot of questions.
When I asked Richelle to give her opinion one the biggest challenges in agriculutre here is what she had to say:
“The biggest challenge is scare-tactic food marketing. It infuriates me that food companies spend so much money to scare people into buying their products. Our population is so far removed from the farm they don’t know any better. We as food producers really need to step up and do an even better job of educating consumers in a non threatening way.  Another challenge is the cost of running an ag operation. It is so expensive to purchase land, cattle, and equipment – with current prices, the industry is hard for young people to get started and stay profitable.”
I love how Richelle wants to educate consumers in a way that can be understood. It is important as producers to share our message in a way that allows the consumer to understand why and what we do.
Richelle says her biggest role model is her parents. Growing up they taught her to respect the land and animals. They instilled a great work ethic into her and taught her how to always speak the truth even in tough situations. Ranching is their life and Richelle is proud of their accomplishments and their efforts to build a successful ranching operation, that she hopes her daughters will one day want to return to.
Thank you Richelle for agreeing to be featured. If you want to follow Richelle’s blog, click here. You can also find her over on Instagram here.

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