Lindsey Gerstenkorn

This week I am featuring Lindsey Gerstenkorn. Lindsey is a ranch hand in De Beque, CO. I performed a quick Google search of De Beque, CO. If your wondering, the population during the 2016 Census the population was 491 people. So now it only seems logical to wonder what Lindsey is going hanging out in a town of less than 500 people.

She is ranching. Yup, that’s what she does from sun up to sun down. She fixes fence, chops ice, doctors calves and does just about anything else.


I cannot tell you how much I love Lindsey’s story. I originally started my blog to encourage young people to pursue agriculture. I have wanted the youth that are already involved in agriculture to stay involved and I wanted those who did not grow up on a farm or ranch to still feel like they could find their place in agriculture. Well folks, it’s clear to see that Lindsey has done just that. She has done an amazing job and I am so excited I was able to connect with her.


Here is a little bit of back story about Lindsey. She grew up in what she refers to as a “hippie little seaside city”. She said that agriculture wasn’t on her radar growing up because she just wasn’t exposed to it. But she ended moving to Colorado to pursue her degree in Equine Sciences at Colorado State University. It was during her studies at CSU that she decided she wasn’t fully passionate about studying Equine Sciences. This led her to instead focus her attention on obtaining her Vet Tech degree.


Lindsey loved the hands on practical side of her vet tech schooling and since obtaining her Vet Tech degree she works as a ranch hand and loves every minute of it. She says the things she learned about animal health have definitely come in hand when it comes to taking care of sick cattle.

One of her favorite memories from vet tech school was working at the CSU Animal Hospital. Here, she crossed paths with Dr. Tim Holt. If you know Dr. Holt, you can go ahead and start laughing now. 🙂

“The highlight of my education was spending a rotation at the CSU vet teaching hospital PAP testing with Dr. Holt and one of my favorite things he told me was that he couldn’t understand why people would want to go skiing on the weekend when you can just go pap cattle. He truly is a character.”



Life on the ranch keeps Lindsey busy. But during her free time she loves to go fishing and do any outdoor activity. I also asked Lindsey who she looked up in life to and she said that her parents have been wonderful role models. She said that there is one saying that has her dad told her that has always stuck with her. I think his motto is a great way to end this post. He said:

 “He would support me if I wanted to be a garbage truck driver just as long as I was the best garbage truck driver I could be.”

Thank you to Lindsey for helping me out. She is such a kind soul and definitely a hard worker. If you want to follow Lindsey on Instagram you can find her page here!



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