Faith, Family, and Beef–Terryn Drieling

I would like to introduce you to Terryn Drieling, the creative mind behind the blog Faith, Family, and Beef. Terryn is a fellow blogger and does and excellent job educating people from all walks of life on agriculture and food production. I am so exited I have the opportunity to feature Terryn today.

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Terryn grew up on a feedlot in northeast Nebraska. Her family has been feeding cattle there for more than forty years. Terryn was active in 4-H, showing horses, cattle, dogs, and participated in vet science programs, as well. Once Terryn graduated high school, she pursued a veterinary degree at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. However an undergraduate physics course altered her path and she instead decided to stay true to her roots and changed her degree to animal science with an emphasis in feed yard management. It was during her time at UNL where she met her husband. I find it fitting (and funny) that she was washing down stalls when their paths crossed. They ended up working together and becoming great friends. Eventually their friendship grew into a relationship and Terryn says, “the rest is history”.


Terryn participated in UNL’s Feedyard Management Internship program and this helped her land her first full time job at a feed yard. She ended up working for the same feedlot for seven years. While working at the feedlot she learned that people, especially moms, were interested in learning where their food came from. This ultimately led her to start her own blog Faith, Family, and Beef. Terryn says that her ideal reader is a young mom who is looking for more information on the foods she buys and prepares for her family.

Now, Terryn and her family live and work on a large ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska. The ranch runs about 13,000 cows on 300,000 acres. Not only are Terryn and, husband, Tom responsible for the day to day management of 800 head on the ranch, but they also run a small herd of cows with Tom’s family as well.

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I asked Terryn to discuss some of the challenges facing agriculture today. I think Terryn brings up an honest point about those of us involved in agriculture. She says:

“This might be an unpopular answer, but honestly I think often times our biggest challenge is ourselves. With so many different ways to raise food and so many different niche markets, we sometimes get this mentality that our way is the only way. Then we argue about whose methods are better and who’s actually right on social media for all to see.

The truth is – there are many different ways to grow food and not one way is more right than the other. Different, yes. Better, no.”

I truly love the different, yes, better, no, approach Terryn has on viewing different agriculture production methods. I think this concept is important to remember when we visit with other producers and promote our own operations.

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It’s clear Terryn has her hands full with running cattle, running a family, and running a blog but when she finds some free time she loves gardening and photography! She also enjoys taking her kids to the pool in the summer, whenever they get a chance, that is!

Thank you Terryn so much for agreeing to be featured on my blog. If you want to check out Faith, Family, and Beef click here!



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