Meghan Gates-Salt Lick Sister

Howdy! This week I am featuring the beautiful, Meghan Gates. There is no denying Meghan is a busy lady. She wears the titles blogger, business owner,  ranch wife, college admission counselor, and many more. But the title she wears the proudest is Follower of Jesus.


If you read my last post about women supporting women and it goes hand in hand with Meghan’s #authenticitymvmt. This movement is for women to be real and authentic with who God created them to be. I love this idea and am so proud of Meghan and the role she plays in the western lifestyle. If you want to read more about the movement, check out Meghan’s blog here.


Now more about Meghan and her role in agriculture!

Growing up Meghan came from a long line of farmers and ranchers. Her dad was a veterinarian and she grew up participating in 4-H. Meghan’s husband and father in-law are ranchers and she does everything from opening gates, to helping at branding, to doctoring and everything else in between.



Meghan knows the value of being a strong, positive voice in agriculture. When asked about the importance of “advocating” here is what she had to say:

 “I believe everyone should be knowledgeable about where their food comes from.  If you eat, you are involved in the agricultural industry!  Agvocating to me means that I am a representative of the industry to anyone who might not realize all that goes into their burger.  I’ve seen and experienced firsthand the struggles and effort it takes in simply producing the beef, let alone the bun, lettuce, cheese, and other parts.  It’s amazing how many individuals are involved in producing just one dish being brought to your table…”

Thank you Meghan for your role as a compassionate agvocate for the agriculture industry. Not only is Meghan involved in agriculture at home, but at her 9-5 job, recruiting for Oklahoma Panhandle State University, she meets with students who are interested in pursuing careers in agriculture. She finds this career extremely rewarding as well. She says:

“I love talking to students about their futures and what an education in agriculture (and anything else, for that matter), can do for them.  Especially for women in the industry, the job availability is insane!”

If it isn’t obvious at this point Meghan is a very hard-working lady. In addition to being a ranch wife and recruiting for a large university, Meghan enjoys running her own business, Salt Lick Lifestyle. In this role she spends her time blogging, marketing and promoting western fashion. Not only does she blog for her business but she also finds time to write blogs for other companies as well.



It’s hard to imagine Meghan has any spare time at all. But when she does she enjoys spending time with the Lord and with her husband. Her ideal day sounds like this:

“Throwing on some vinyl, baking up a storm in the kitchen, sipping on a hot cup of coffee and hanging out with my husband after a long day horseback sounds pretty perfect to me.”

That sounds pretty perfect to me too. I owe a huge thank you to Meghan for agreeing to be on my blog, completing an interview, and providing me with amazing images.



Thank you so much girl!




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