Hey! Lets STOP Comparing and Start Encouraging

We see it all the time, probably every single day in fact. Women competing against other women. Who has the best hair, who has the cutest boots, who has a perfectly manicured nails, and who’s body is the best? We all go through a vicious comparison game where we compare ourselves to the lives, Instagram stories, and news feeds of others. It is sad and it is time for a serious wake up call. Let’s knock this off, ladies.

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We do not need to compete against one another. Instead, we need to lift each other up. We need to be a supportive group; created of unique, strong, individual women.  It is important to realize that each one of us has a set of talents and skills that are special to us. They are God given and should be utilized to make the world a better place. They should never be measured against someone else’s set of skills.


Our role in agriculture is SO important. We do not have the time to spend comparing ourselves and our lives to each other’s. Frankly, I also don’t have the energy to spend competing. We need to direct our efforts towards furthering our industry and educating the general public about what we do every single day. It’s time we realize that we are stronger together and as a result we need to encourage and support each other. I know this seems like a sappy post but its a message that has weighed heavy on my heart lately.


So if you scroll through social media today, I challenge you to stop comparing yourself and your life to someone else’s. I encouraged you to comment on the hard working women’s pictures you come across and send them an ecouraging word.  Especially those women who are involved in an industry that is so near and dear to my hear.

I know it sounds silly and so 4th grade, but can’t we all just be friends?


I’d love to hear your thoughts, leave them in the post below!


PHOTOS BY: @missmillers_photography

Link to her website here!


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