Lindsey Miller- Miss Millers Photography

If your following my Instagram, I gave you a little sneak peak last week about who was going to be on my blog. Today, I am featuring Lindsay Miller. Not only did I have the chance to interview Lindsay via email but I also had the chance to meet up with her and chat about our lives over a cup of coffee. (seriously, we had to shut up after three hours and get back to reality)


Lindsay is the owner and talent behind Miss Millers Photography. She is a self-taught photographer and a lover of all things cattle and agriculture. Her family isn’t any stranger to the cattle business either. They have been raising cattle in Northern Colorado since 1919! Growing up Lindsay was involved in 4-H and FFA. She loved showing sheep and even won the Reserve Grand Champion Junior Sheep Showman at the 2007 National Western Stock Show.  Lindsay is proud to be involved in agriculture and she got her start in photography by going out to capture shots of the cattle and the family farm. Her shots grew in popularity and from there she transitioned into being a full time photographer.


When I met with Lindsay I loved how honest she was about her life and her background. During college, she played volleyball and studied hard with hopes of getting into vet school. But things don’t always go as planned and after a major volleyball injury Lindsay decided to take a year off from school. It was during this time that started taking photos and growing her business. Lindsay says running her own business is not what she thought it was going to be. She says it’s a ton of work and time, but she loves what she does. She loves connecting with her clients and sharing their unique stories. From chatting with Lindsay, I know she is a total #girlboss and will only experience growth and success in her business from here on out.


Lindsay has taken her photography and video skills to promote agriculture to a new level! She created an amazing video to capture silage harvest. As a true “agvocate” Lindsay shared this video on Facebook to help provide the public a deeper understanding of agriculture. On Facebook the video has over 57,000 views and 301 shares! I commend Lindsay on her commitment to positively promoting agriculture.

As I do with all my guests, I asked Lindsay what advice she would give a young person wanting to get involved with agriculture. She says:

” First off I love it when young people want to get involved in agriculture…The best thing these young people can do is get involved in organizations and listen to working professionals and industry leaders.”

I also wanted to get Lindsay’s opinion on some of the problems agriculture is facing. She mentioned the future of small family owned and operated farms and ranches. In the area Lindsay is living she has seen a bunch of land bought out to be developed or bought out by large agriculture corporations. I think this is a real problem facing our industry. I think Lindsay really brings it home when she says:

 “I hope to continue to see family owned and operated farms/ranches stick around for another 100 years but at this rate, I fear the future is unclear.”

It is so true and often frightening that our farm and ranching land is being bought out and developed. It is even scarier to think about when the world population is constantly growing and the hard working men and women involved in agriculture are tasked with feeding the world. Thank you Lindsay for bringing up this very important topic.


I hope you had as much fun reading this blog post as had writing it. I am so thankful Lindsay agreed to be interviewed. If you are in need of an amazing photographer check Lindsay out and be sure to follow her on Instagram.



** All photos provided by Lindsay Miller/Miss Miller’s Photography. No misuse or copyright intended.



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