Shelby Kolb


I am very excited to bring you another strong voice in agriculture. It is my pleasure to introduce you to the wonderful Shelby Kolb. I have followed her on Instagram for quite some time and I love her style, her passion for agriculture, and her amazing poetry. Shelby is so honest and down to earth. Right now Shelby has two bottle babies to take care of but when they are not needing fed she spends her spare time writing, drawing, and cleaning stalls. She can also be found posting fierce western fashion outfits from her indoor barn… Shelby, you rock for following your dream!

Shelby grew up on the ranch that her father grew up on in San Angelo, Texas. Her family ran Angus cattle, sheep, goats, and the sale barn misfits that Shelby often brought home. Her mom worked at the sale barn so she sometimes got away with it 🙂


She currently lives on a ranch in Burnett, Texas with her fiance, Juston. Juston and his father, Bo, with Shelby along side; raise quarter-horses, maine-anjou cattle, and roping cattle. Not only does Shelby work with the boys on the ranch, but she also helps her mother in law with her accounting business. She also takes gorgeous pictures and keeps the ranch books.


Another passion of Shelby’s is agvocating. As a rancher and someone who is very passionate about the agriculture industry, agvocating is just something that comes with the job. Shelby says:

“To me agvocating is so important! So many people have the wrong idea of ranching/farming which to me is so sad. We are all so passionate about our lifestyle and if by sharing parts of our day to day life helps change that opinion I know that we are doing something right and bringing proper education to those who don’t know!”

I agree with Shelby and think that is is very important to make our voices heard in this industry. I also think that it is important to encourage young people to seek careers in agriculture.


I asked Shelby what she would tell a young person who is interested in getting involved in agriculture. Shelby says that it’s hard work but fun and rewarding at the same time. I think she is spot on with this comment. But I also want to add something about the character of people involved in agriculture. There are great people in our industry and to me that is one of the major perks of working in agriculture. Shelby is a total testament to this. She is a driven, hard working young lady who showed me, a total stranger, kindness and friendship from the moment I reached out to her.  I hope you guys enjoyed this post about Shelby and please go tell her hello over on Instagram. Thank you so much Shelby for sharing with me and my readers!



I want to hear from you!

What do you think is the best part about working in agriculture? Comment below!



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