U Bar & Co

It is my pleasure to introduce Paula Buckmaster. It’s taken me awhile to get Paula’s post up but I have to confess: Paula is the first person I asked to be featured on my blog. Her excitement and positive attitude was overwhelming and I cannot thank Paula enough for being one of the first people to support what I am doing.

Not only are Paula and her family involved in agriculture but she also is a successful business owner. (#bosslady) Paula runs a western fashion boutique named U Bar and Company after the family brand, U Bar. I have personally shopped her boutique and I can attest to Paula’s great customer service and her commitment to serving her customers. If you are in need of a great outfit head on over to Paula’s website and she will help you out. Also, follow her Instagram page for some great #ootd inspiration.


Paula’s love for western fashion started at a young age. Her mother owned a western store in Bridgeport, Texas and once she was out of high school she worked at Tener’s Western Outfitters.Paula says, “I wore Rockies and every color of ropers you can imagine… I had lots of pearl snap shirts and Wranglers!”

It was during her time at Tener’s that she knew she wanted to be involved in western fashion and retail. After Tener’s, Paula found a gig during college working at a boutique for a “spunky, creative, tough old broad”. It was at the boutique in El Reno where she gained her knowledge of running a small business.


Paula met her husband in computer class at El Reno Community College (now Redlands Community College) and they have been together for 21 years. Talk about a strong marriage! Paula and her husband have three children together, Reece Jane 18, Aubrey Mae 16, and Cain Lewis 13. The Buckmaster family has strong ties to agriculture. They are involved in both the cattle and horse industries. This is what Paula has to say about her family involvement in agriculture:

“My father in law was a cattle buyer in Lubbock in the 70s then a commodities broker all the while running our wheat-stocker cattle farming operation.  My sister in law is the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Beef Council and her husband is the Executive Director of the Wheat Commission.  We live agriculture everyday! My husband trained thoroughbred and quarter horses for 20 years and also was a team roper all while running cattle and farming for his dad.  He mainly ran horses at Remington Park and Fair Meadows in Tulsa (my fave!)”



I wanted to talk a little bit more about Paula’s background and her occupation before she started her U Bar and Company. Paula worked as a high school counselor for a number of years but she was never fully content with her work. I commend Paula for taking a leap of faith and starting her own business. I cannot imagine how freeing it was for Paula to turn in her letter of resignation and start living her dream life. You hear stories all the time about people who hate their jobs but for some reason they seem to be stuck in the same routine. If you are reading this and thinking, “Wow, that’s me. I totally dread going to work.” Then I encourage you to be inspired by Paula and consider taking your career in a different direction. You only have one life and it is silly to waste the precious hours of your days doing something you hate.


Thank you Paula for sharing your story with me and my readers. I appreciate your support and your story is truly inspiring.



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