Quincy Orona

Photo Credit: Quincy Orona

“Thanks for your interest in our story it’s not original but it’s uniquely ours.”

Today, I bring you the ag story of Quincy Orona. Quincy is someone who strongly thinks the word cowboy is a job title. It’s not gender specific its a lifestyle. She was raised on a large ranch in northern Arizona. From the age of three, Quincy and her brother were part of the crew. Quincy says that she knows cattle and she knows how to handle them, but she often leaves the nutrition and genetics side of their operation to her husband. If you follow Quincy on Instagram you can tell the pair make a great team. You will also quickly see that Quincy is very talented with a camera. She takes stunning photos!

Photo Credit: Quincy Orona

Not only is Quincy a cowhand but she is highly involved in the medical field. Quincy attended Weber State University and graduated with her degree in Medical Laboratory Science. She utilizes this degree and spends her nights working in a hospital lab, something she has done for the last 14 years. To top things off, she is currently enrolled in a graduate program through University of Cincinnati and she completes her school work in her “spare time.”


Quincy and her daughter have taken on the task of naming all the cows on their 600 head operation. She says that the bulls and calves aren’t safe either. This is one way they keep things fun and interesting on the ranch. This upbeat attitude is one that Quincy tries to maintain when promoting agriculture on social media. She says:

“I just try and depict the realities of agriculture. Most of it is fun. In a circus like ours, it’s comical more often than not. There are struggles, frustrations, and heartbreak too. I think that if you can find one thing to make you laugh in a not so fun moment in time, that will carry you through the tough times.”


When I asked Quincy about her biggest role model in life she said it was her mom. I could tell her mom makes a big impact on her life because she mentioned her more than one time in the interview. Although she didn’t want to get too mushy about her mom she did have to say this:

She’s handier and stouter than most men and prettier than most women. She can ride broncs, rope and lead out crumby cattle, drive a truck, operate heavy equipment. But most importantly, she’s the most caring, agriculturally intelligent person I’ve ever met.

By this statement its pretty clear to see she is a phenomenal woman of agriculture. I want to wrap up this blog with an interesting fact about Quincy. She told me she likes to play the banjo in her “spare time”. She loves live music and she labels herself as a “part time YouTube concert attendee” Quincy says she even drove from Arizona to Guthrie, OK to see her favorite band live. Quincy has a great personality and it was easy to see it shine through in her interview. I am so thankful she was willing to share her story.

Thank you, Quincy 🙂

**Photo Credits: ALL PHOTOS IN THIS POST BELONG TO QUINCY ORONA. They are not my own and no copyright infringement is intended.




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