NY Farm Girls

MAPLE LANES FARM+@NYFARMGIRLS (1)I have yet to feature someone from the dairy industry on my blog and I cannot think of a better person to interview than Evelyn Leubner, the oldest sister from the Instagram account @nyfarmgirls. Evelyn’s younger sisters Claudia and Jojo also take part in posting on the account. If you want a calf-cuteness overload be sure to go follow them. When I reached out to Evelyn she was so kind and eager to help me out.


She first shared with me the amazing history of their family farm. She said Maple Lane Farms has been in business for 93 years and is four generations old.  The farm was built back in 1924 by her Great Grandpa and Grandma after they came over on a boat from Germany. They have a combination of crops and dairy cows. They grow corn, soybeans, wheat, hay, pumpkins, and asparagus on  about 1,900 acres. They also have around 1000 dairy cows.  All three sisters work in the calf barn year round making sure all the babies are taken care of.


Evelyn also studies Animal Science at SUNY Cobleskill. Once she finishes up with her bachelors degree, she plans to attend Cornell University to study Dairy Nutrition. Evelyn sees herself returning to the family farm to implement her studies and continue the rich family tradition of dairy farming. This young lady is certainly goal driven! When I asked Evelyn why she started her Instagram account this is what she had to say:

“It provides a lot of hope when you are feeling down about the industry and there are so many people out there on social media that love to support Agriculture. It is also a great way to educate the public.”

She said that she and her sisters also wanted to shine a positive light on the dairy industry because consumers often are unclear in the role of the diary farmer. She wants to combat the negative news about dairy industry and promote women in agriculture. Evelyn said:

“We also like to promote women in farming because it used to be known as a man’s job, but in today’s society women are becoming more and more involved with agriculture and we think that they deserve to be recognized.”

image1 (1)

Evelyn is a great voice for the dairy industry. Another way the sisters are promoting their Instagram page is by selling @nyfarmgirls hats and stickers. If you are interested in supporting the sisters DM them on Instagram and they will help you with your orders. My thanks goes out to Evelyn and her sisters for agreeing to be interviewed and for being a positive young voice in agriculture.




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