Marji Alaniz- Founder + President of FarmHer

Wow! If you want to know a cool lady let me introduce you to Marji Analiz. Marji is the Founder and President of FarmHer Inc.. That’s right folks, the same FarmHer that airs on RFD-TV! I reached out to Marji and she so kindly agreed to answer some questions about herself and her company.

FarmHer (2)

The logical first question I threw out to Marji was about her background. Her grandparents were farmers and she grew up out in the country. She told me her parents did not farm but after she earned her degree in graphic design, journalism, and photography she landed a job in corporate agriculture. She stayed there for 11 years.

Now if you can think about one of the most influential Super Bowl commercials to date you will probably consider the Dodge Ram commercial featuring the “God Made a Farmer” poem by Paul Harvey. After this commercial aired Marji read an article about how there were mostly men and few women depicted in the commercial. A few weeks later she was laying awake in the middle of the night and the idea suddenly sparked. Marji said:

“ I was laying awake thinking about how blessed I am in life and pondering what I could do to help others when it hit me like a ton of bricks. I needed to start photographing women in agriculture.”

Marji’s mission is to shine a light on the role that women play in agriculture. She believes that her company can ultimately change the way we view agriculture by updating the image of agriculture to include women. She says, “I dream that FarmHer has the ability to bring about the next generation of FarmHers that will feed themselves, their families, and the world.”

_I dream that FarmHer has the ability to bring about the next generation of FarmHers that will feed themselves, their families, and the world._

I always love to ask people involved in agriculture to give advice to young people interested in agriculture. Through my blog and these interviews I was to ultimately encourage young people to pursue careers in agriculture. Marji says that she encourages youth to attend events and get involved with different agricultural organizations to expand their horizons. I couldn’t agree more with her advice.


When we look into the future of FarmHer, Marji hopes to keep growing and expanding her audience and community. She says the FarmHer team is working on ways to reach people on a more local level. One of the ways she is accomplishing this goal is by hosting some awesome events! Coming up Marji has an event called Grow being held in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin geared towards young women ages 16-22. She is also planning an I am FarmHer day long event in December. Both of the events are designed to connect, inspire and empower women in agriculture. These sound like great events for anyone interested in agriculture to attend. If you cannot make it to these events she is working on a full line up of FarmHer events for 2018. Check out the FarmHer website to receive more information.

I am incredibly inspired by Marji’s drive to make a difference in agriculture as well as her passion to lift up women in this industry. It is amazing to see how FarmHer grew from an idea that came to Marji in the middle of the night to now; a thriving community designed to support women in agriculture.




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